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This is my Guest Book. I would be glad if you post your ideas and comments here. If you want to get in contact with me personally, go to the contact section or write me an email. Thank you in advance for your input!

Comments: 11
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    Noblesse (Monday, 01 October 2012 09:51)

    Dear Marjan
    Congratulations on winning the National Championships! I was very impressed! If only I were a bit older.... (only 2 years now) I´ll keep an eye on you and will be back for the good stuff. All the best, Noblesse

  • #10

    Mandy Quaderer (Saturday, 29 September 2012 18:48)

    Herzliche Gratulation, weiter so!

  • #9

    Hana Cir (Friday, 28 September 2012 17:37)

    Big congratulations on winning the German national Championships!!!!

  • #8

    Done (Monday, 07 February 2011 20:50)

    Hey Rogi, vielleicht solltest du auf deiner Seite erwähnen das du auf rothaarige stehst.... " Füchse" bevorzugt. Haha

  • #7

    Done (Wednesday, 22 December 2010 07:26)

    Frohe Weihnachten Rogi!! :-) wünsch dir viele essbare Geschenke und ein gutes Neues Jahr mit vielen sexy Ladys.;-)

  • #6

    Done (Wednesday, 05 May 2010 21:10)

    Congratulation for the first shot.
    i hope the foal gets a lot from you.

  • #5

    Hana (Tuesday, 20 October 2009 21:28)

    Hello Marjan, a lot of congratulaions on your show success. I admired already your parents, not only your dad but also your beatiful dam. I have a nice mare for you here so I hope there will be the chance to make you happy with her:-)

  • #4

    Alex (Monday, 28 September 2009 21:47)

    Hello Marjan. Gratulations to your success in Germany! Enjoyed seeing you there very much. I wish you a bright future and hope to see you again - perhaps in Verona or Paris? Go for it... :-)

  • #3

    Done (Tuesday, 11 August 2009 17:11)

    Hi Dear!
    You started as Rogi when you were a baby,then became Roger.Now i call you more Marji because you get bigger every day.The day will come sooner than I would like for it to come around were I have to call you Marjan because you are a stallion. Shit the time goes so quickly. In Love...still Rogi

  • #2

    Mary (Friday, 07 August 2009 16:38)

    Hi Marji ! Thank you for being such a good boy. It's a pleasure to work with you ! Your biggest fan ! Mary

  • #1

    Alice und family (Friday, 10 July 2009 10:38)

    Hallo Marjan and friends ,
    schicken Euch ganz schöne Urlaubsgrüsse aus Albarella !
    Bis bald und viele Bussi`s
    Alice , Mandy und kidds